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My neighbour who is elderly and has special needs went to the shop in Southend and he asked about a mobility scooter without consulting the council as he lives in sheltered accommodation we as his neighbours found out because he lives in a first floor flat he wouldn't be able to have one he had gone into the shop and put a deposit ofor £200 and then made 2 further payments of £100 when he found out that he couldn't have a scooter he went back to the shop to try to explain what had happened they were quite rude to him and said that they wouldn't be returning any of his money they was not helpful at all and said they are entitled to keep the money the situation now is they said that the deposit is non refundable and has now offered a credit note to spend in the shop he has no wish to do this after the treatment he has received he is a gentleman with special needs and nothing was explained to him when he first went into the shop about deposits and other monies he has paid in I feel that he has been unfairly treaTed with bad service and ignorance from this shop !!   11-12-17


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