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I live in the USA and wanted to order an arrangement of 100 roses for someone stricken with Covid in the UK. I looked at many of the UK florists listed online but most of these were florist hubs with colorful websites and no phone numbers. They will take your money online and then email your order to one of their unidentified subsidiaries. I was not going to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers without speaking to a human. Frustrated, I called a friend in England and asked for his suggestion. He highly recommended I called Mandi at Forever Flowers. The shop had closed and she was driving home, but she stopped and had a very pleasant conversation with me. She then drove back to the shop, opened it, called me in the USA and took my order. She made excellent suggestions I hadn't thought of. She designed and delivered an absolutely beautiful arrangement to the badly suffering Covid victim who was in quarantine. The arrangement was so beautiful and fresh that the the lady I had it delivered to, cried. Mandi and Forever Flowers delivered the next day and this transaction was easy for me to complete. If you want the best, call Mandi and she will take excellent care of you.

Arthur MacArthur

Tags: Excellent service